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HairThick™ - Hair Growth Shampoo - MyShopSpot
HairThick™ - Hair Growth Shampoo - MyShopSpot
HairThick™ - Hair Growth Shampoo - MyShopSpot

HairThick™ - Hair Growth Shampoo

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What you'll get with each bottle
  •  100 ml of advanced natural ingredients to stimulate hair growth
  •  FREE 30 day money back guarantee
  • Strengthens & reinforces your hair
  •  Grow your hair about 1.5 inches per month

After 6 Weeks Of Use:

  • 91% reported an increase in hair thickness
  • 91% reported their hair felt stronger
  • 82% reported their scalp appeared fuller




"Very good stuff. I bought this for my dad and it has worked remarkably, his hair feels like new, it cleans and protects against hair loss. He has only been using this for a short amount of time and you can already see the difference."  Dee

"I have used this product twice. My hair has double the volume with no scalp visible! I havnt used it long enough to know if it will activate hair growth, but I'm so pleased with the results so far. As for the smell. It does have a strong herbal odour, but my hair only smelt a little bit after washing. I made sure I rinsed it well! Overall, really pleased and I'll order another bottle once this one has finished." Customer

"I was pretty skeptical about this but it is better than expected. Thick type of shampoo, I'm personally not keen on the smell of this though (it isn't horrid or off-putting! Just quite an earthy type of smell) but I'll get used to it as it is a good product and will continue to use." Deanna

"Brought this shampoo has over the years my hair is started to be getting a little thinner and I thought I would just try and see and I've only used this shampoo twice and I can already see a difference even if it is only a little bit my hair feels so much cleaner softer and shinier I'm very excited to see what my hair will be like if I keep using this shampoo and I will for sure be using this shampoo again and it has also helped with my dandruff which I have suffered with for years and have tried all over the counter products and this seems to have worked the best for me will definitely be buying again."  Chloe

"Well, this is my 4th time of washing my hair with this shampoo! And it's a Wow! Recently been suffering from hair loss due to being anemic, and the shampoo has lived up to its name; only lose a few strands now.. "what a relief"!"  Customer

"This shampoo has helped a lot with my thinning hair. I use it as a second shampoo application after washing first with my conditioning shampoo. It works well like this. I was surprised it did not affect my hair coloring. I have no fading or discoloration when using this after my hair is colored a couple days earlier. It has a pleasant, fresh smell and feels good when applied per directions. I have used this for about a year now and have much less hair fall out during shampooing or brushing."