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    You literally can’t mess this up.

    Organizing your clothes just got simpler – and infinitely tidier. EZ Stack lets you stack your clothes into neat, easily visible and rapidly accessible piles. Want that classic t-shirt from the bottom of the stack? Go ahead and grab it. You won’t even ruffle the rest of the pile.

    Redefine the laundry pile.

    What’s the secret to wrinkle-free, perfectly folded laundry? All you need is the right template. With EZ Stack you can quickly fold, stack and sort clothes into their proper piles, then re-arrange and stack some more – all without re-folding. Working in a tight space? Simply combine piles and stack taller. 

    EZ Stack Mades it Easy — Bye bye messy drawers and jumbled piles of shirts! Each 13.5” by 11.5” interlocking divider lets you stack your clothes neatly and accessible – and even pull items from the middle without disturbing the stack. Equally great on shelves as a shelf divider or as a drawer divider to keep an organized dresser!

      Turn your suitcase into a traveling shelf.

      Travel would be so much easier if you could take your dresser with you. Clothing Organization turns your suitcase into the next best thing. Each rigid plastic organizer lies flat and steady – protecting your clothes from getting squished and wrinkled, even during bouncy rides. And just like your shelves at home, Clothing Organization lets you pull an item from the middle or bottom of the pile, leaving the rest of your clothes undisturbed. It’s so efficient, you won’t even have to unpack. If there’s a better wardrobe organizer out there, we haven’t heard of it. 

      ORGANIZED TRAVEL ACCESSORY —  EZ Stack is also an innovative luggage organizer. The stackable organizer system fits neatly into your suitcase to keep your clothes from bunching and wrinkling. Better than packing cubes as there is no need to unpack. Just pull what you want from the middle!

        No paperwork mountain is too high.

        EZ Stack is the new king of office organization. It’s a paper organizer. It’s a coupon organizer. It’s a bill organizer. It’s a folder organizer. It’s a literally infinite series of shelves that stack as high as you need, yet take up one paper-sized footprint. You can even spread out your work, then stack it back up when you’re done. 

        INFINITE OFFICE SHELVES — Like a combination expanding file folder and letter tray organizer, EZ Stack makes a compact desk organizer taking up only as much room as the papers you’ve placed on each tidy, interlocking shelf. They make a great document organizer, file organizer, coupon organizer, a bill organizer and more. Spread out and stack back up any time you like!


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