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Quick-Dry UV LED Nail Lamp

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  • GENTLE WHITE LIGHT: Our white LED light is less harsh than the traditional purple UV light of older lamps. This white light will give you a better and more comfortable manicure/pedicure session and will provide protection for not only your nails, but your skin and eyes as well.
  • CURE ALL GEL NAIL POLISH: The LED beads in our nail lamp use a progressive technology - dual optical wavelength (365nm+405nm). This ensures that it will work with ALL kinds of UV and LED gel nail polishes. The lamp does not distinguish by brand and will cure Hard Gels, Acrylic, Colour Gels, Base Coats, Top Coats etc. With our long lasting LED beads, there is no need to worry about replacing them as well.
  • QUICK DRYING CURING TECHNOLOGY: Our nail lamp is twice as fast as standard UV LED nail lamps. Achieving a full cure can be done in just 35% of the time that a traditional nail lamp will take.
  • TIMER MODE WITH AUTOMATIC SENSOR: Our nail lamp comes with a sensor that functions for 99 seconds automatically when you slide your hand or foot in. You can also cut short the curing process by removing your hand and foot anytime. With a 30/60/99 seconds timer function, it will allow you to have full control of each layer's curing time. The 99 seconds Low Heat Mode would be best for curing hard gels/builders
  • CONVENIENT AND SIMPLE TO USE: The large opening of our nail lamp enables you to cure 5 fingernails or toenails at one time. It is extremely simple to use - plug and play!

Product Description:

  • Voltage: 110-240v
  • Size: 205*203*93mm
  • Power: 36W
  • LEDs: 18pcs